Motoko Iura

Motoko Iura
Original Name
井浦 基子
Romaji Name
Iura Motoko
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 14th
150.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 8065
Like # 7271
Trash # 14773

Motoko Iura is the younger sister of Shuu Iura. Motoko has short green hair and lime-green eyes. In many regards, she is like a younger female version of Shuu Iura. When they are gender-swapped, they tend to look almost identical to each other. She is sometimes mistaken for a boy, probably due to her short hair, casual clothes and face, similar to Shuu. Self-described as an untalkative, gloomy type, Motoko is the opposite of Shuu Iura. She tends to keep to herself and has a hard time making friends. However, unlike Shuu, this personality also carries over to her school life, though she is much more forceful and violent towards her brother than others. She is also pretty smart but lacks the confidence to use it too well. She is three years younger than Shuu, making her a 3rd-year middle school student. Because she desperately wants to go to East High School (a very high-level school), Shuu helps her and arranges for her to get tutoring from Kyouko Hori for the entrance exam. Despite this, Motoko is not accepted and elects to attend Katagiri instead.

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