Motoyasu Kitamura Husbando

Motoyasu Kitamura
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
170.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 142
Like # 6440
Trash # 12

Motoyasu Kitamura was summoned to another world to serve as the Spear Hero, one of the Four Legendary Heroes. Motoyasu has long blond hair that is held back in a ponytail with bangs hanging on the left side of his forehead and bright orange eyes. The clothing he primarily wears is a sleeveless tunic over his dark clothing. Additionally, he wears leather gloves, leather boots, and a hood-like cape decor with Filolial feathers. In the past, he wore chainmail underneath his sleeveless tunic and silver armor on various parts of his body but later discards them after learning the true nature of Malty S Melromarc (Motoyasu's ex-companion). The weapon in his possession is the Legendary Spear which was granted to him when he was summoned to another world. Motoyasu is likely the friendliest of the four Legendary Heroes. It's mentioned that he is loyal to his allies. However, he is incredibly naïve and gullible. He is generally a nice person, but is easily fooled, especially by women. Motoyasu has a rather distorted view of women; he thinks they are perfect angels incapable of doing anything bad or evil. As such, he believes everything a woman tells him without thinking twice about whether or not it's true, which made him a perfect target for Malty's manipulations. When she framed Naofumi Iwatani for attempted rape, even though she had stolen his money and clothes (both of which she gave to Motoyasu), he believed her claims and became openly hostile towards Naofumi in her defense; completely ignoring the argument that a real rape victim would only run away, not take the belongings of her "aggressor". He later acts tries to save Raphtalia and Filo, without their consent, to free them from being Naofumi's slaves. Raphtalia is quick to point out the flaw of his actions here. He is also a flirt and a skirt chaser who asks Raphtalia and Filo to leave Naofumi and join his party the instant he meets each of them, but is quick to admit Raphtalia was right to scold him for flirting with her when they were doing a party exchange. He demonstrates high levels of self-delusion and willful ignorance, if not plain idiocy. He only hears what he wants to hear and ignores whatever might upset him. Examples of this include his duel with Naofumi for Raphtalia's freedom, when he received a slap instead of a hug after he freed her from slavery and was called out for his hypocrisy, he defended himself desperately claiming that Naofumi must have brainwashed her. He also refused to believe that Malty framed Naofumi, even after seeing all the evidence. He continued to believe in Malty and denied all of the reality. However, after the Queen exposed Malty as a pathological liar with a temporary slave crest zapping her at every lie, Motoyasu stopped trusting her words blindly. He doesn't accept a fight unless he is utterly confident of victory. His cocky challenges to Naofumi show this twice. His personality does a complete 180 after he unlocks his Curse Series, developing an obsessive crush for Filo and starting to regard Naofumi with the utmost respect as his "father-in-law" (since he starts to see both Filo and Raphtalia as Naofumi's "daughters"). At the same time, he changes from a skirt chaser to a Filolial lover. He becomes unable to see women as anything but pigs and finds their "reek" disgusting, and enjoys spending his time surrounded by filolials. Additionally, his psyche is greatly warped to the point that he develops a fearless and bloodthirsty style of battle, without feeling any concern about killing or being covered in blood.

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