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Mozu is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and an ally on all three of the routes. Often portrayed as a meek character with low self-confidence, Mozu is hesitant to attempt new things that she is not particularly adept in. Her supports depict her as such, where she requires the encouragement of her conversational partners in order to pick up skills that are useful to her on the battlefield. Her supports with Silas and Ryoma particularly support this fact, as both men offer to personally train her, to which she does not accept at first but eventually agrees in order to move on from her trauma, be of use to Corrin's army as a soldier and prove to herself that she does have courage. Otherwise however, her supports reveal her to be in possession of a blunt, unabashed personality in things she knows about, where she does not hesitate to point out the mistakes committed by others and their flaws. She is also one of few female characters in S supports who consistently and proactively asks for her love interest's hand in marriage. In truth, she is actually physically robust. As revealed in her supports with Corrin, her life as a villager is one that demands her to engage in manual labor such as crop cultivation and animal hunting for sustenance and has grown surprisingly strong for someone of her age as a result. Not only that, Mozu has acquired, if not excelled in, a variety of skills and traits that has helped her throughout her life on the farm and still helps significantly as a member of Corrin's army. One of Mozu's more recognizable talents is cooking. When taking shifts in the Mess Hall, if she cooks food of a good quality, she will proudly mention that back home, the villagers often asked her to cook. Such talent is further confirmed through her supports with Saizo, where her cooking reminds him of the food native to his home village, stating that he prefers it over the heavier food commonly served in Shirasagi. Her hunting and trapping skills are also among the best in the army, as she hunted a bear single-handedly from learning skills and tricks from an old man in her village prior to the Faceless attack and is capable of hunting boars alone. Mozu is also known to possess a humble spirit, not valuing any wealth or luxuries and preferring a simplistic lifestyle as opposed to an extravagant one. This is made evident in her supports with Oboro where, in response to Oboro cheerfully remarking that her endearing appearance will be enhanced with the right clothes and makeup, she quietly states that they will not obscure the fact that she is, at heart, a country girl.

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