Mukai Naoya Husbando

Mukai Naoya
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December 31st
170.00 cm
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Naoya is considered to be a very straightforward and outgoing person. His straightforward personality is very explicit and knows no bound; Naoya is straightforward regardless of his situation, be it in front of mass crowd or in private with his grilfriends. Additionally, Naoya can be considered slightly selfish for he openly asks his first girlfriend, Saki Saki, whether he can two-time her and go out with Minase Nagisa. Despite his two-timing behavior, Naoya would do his best to keep himself to only two girlfriends, as seen by constantly rejecting and fending off Hoshizaki Mirika despite her persistent behavior to gain his affection. He also would protect his relationship from all compromise, as seen with Mirika and later Shino who tried to expose his two-timing relationships. The straightforward personaity branches off into Naoya's persistence, repeatedly asking Saki out until she finally give in over many years. It also introduced his restraint, in which he refrains himself from laying hand on the girls (his grilfriends, Rika and Shino) no matter how suggestive the situation may have been. Naoya is also studious, such that he has no hobbies except studying when he has free time although this may not have given great results as he cannot even be top 5 of his class. Naoya's studying habits have been visibly shown in moments where Naoya is in the living room or in his room, and he would stop what he is doing if the people around him ask for his attention.

black hair fair skin purple eyes straightforward student two-timer
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