Mukuro Hoshimiya

Mukuro Hoshimiya
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Popularity # 1589
Like # 1491
Trash # 2456

As a result of sealing away her emotions using <Michael>, Mukuro bears an icy cold, robot-like, demeanor. She claims to be okay with living all alone in outer space and wishes to be on her own. She has shown her willingness of issuing threats and utilizing violence to make sure no one disturbs her solitude. However, the fact that she had told Shido she sealed away her emotions implies that deep down, she wants him to save her from her loneliness. After having her emotions unlocked, Mukuro regained her true personality, which in contrast to her sealed one, is very emotional. Due to being growing up as an orphan, Mukuro fears being alone again and desperately wants to remain attached to those who she believes love her. Even after going as far as to seal the other Spirits' memories of him, Shido describes her intentions as being motivated by pure love and innocence rather than any true ill will. Due to her past with her older sister braiding her hair while stargazing, Mukuro enjoys viewing the stars and is very attached to her long hair, becoming furious when Inverse Tohka cut it. In terms of speech, Mukuro speaks in an overly archaic style. She often speaks in a third person perspective by referring to herself as Muku (むく).

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