Musashi Husbando

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Musashi (ムサシ Musashi) is a supporting character of the Nanbaka Web Manga and Anime. He is a former cellmate of Jyugo and an inmate of Nanba Prison, having been falsely accused and arrested on charges of arson and murder. Initially held in cell ten of building four, he is temporarily held in an underground cell in solitude after resisting arrest during the New Year's Tournament before being returned to regular confinement. Musashi is a young man of above-average height with a muscular physique. He has short, spiky red and yellow hair and cobalt blue eyes. Having lost both his eyes in his teens, he now wears a black eyepatch over the remaining scars, the most prominent of which is a long, vertical one over his right eye. A second, smaller scar is visible to the left side of his lips. His skin, which was initially somewhat pale, has become dark likely due to excessive exposure to heat. Musashi bears multiple piercings; a large gold hoop in each ear, a third hoop on his left nipple, and four studs on each collarbone. He has black phoenix tattoos on each shoulder blade and his inmate number, 634, tattooed on his left shoulder.‌ His nails are painted red. Musashi wears a red-and-black striped skirt-like garment that reaches his ankles. His ID‌ badge is pinned to the upper left-hand side. The rest of his body remains exposed, except for his abdomen, forearms, neck, and feet wrapped in black bandages. During his childhood, Musashi was a warm and optimistic boy. He took great pride in the additional body heat he was born with, considering it to be a unique and special trait. He is also a highly intelligent individual and studied with great dedication during his time in college, consistently receiving high grades. However, incidents such as his convalescence from spontaneous human combustion, as well as the following social isolation caused by a rumor that he was an arsonist, caused him to lose his cheerful outlook and develop a withdrawn, anxious personality such that he was constantly in fear. After being falsely accused of murdering his parents, he seemed to lose hope entirely such that he was glad to be in jail where he had no further responsibilities. After being experimented on and given superhuman powers by the people responsible for his parents’ deaths, Musashi believed himself to be a monster and ultimately renounced his humanity, developing a certain amount of misanthropy. He sought desperately to kill the man with the scar, willing to do so even if he died himself in the process; he stated that the prospect of revenge was the only thing he lived for. This thirst for vengeance allowed him to behave quite ruthlessly towards others without remorse; first displayed as an arrogant, rude and ambitious individual, he attempted to kill multiple Nanba Prison supervisors as well as Jyugo in the hopes of getting what he wanted. His belief that he could overpower and murder even the strongest of Nanba's guards indicates that he has great confidence in his abilities and a strong disregard for others. After being defeated and questioned by Kenshirou, Musashi mellows out considerably. As he himself puts it, his way of thinking changes and he develops a calmer personality, displaying a genuine desire to start again and become a better person. He becomes more talkative and cooperative, openly talking about his past and feelings, suggesting that he has become far more relaxed and trusting; this is exemplified by the highly relaxed, informal dialogue that he begins to speak in. While he is typically calm in nature, he admits to becoming nervous at the thought of talking to others. Despite this, he makes an effort to do so and typically enjoys himself in the company of his fellow inmates. He has a significant amount of sympathy and compassion for others and is highly perceptive.

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