Mustafa Husbando

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Mustafa is the first boss faced after Emmeryn's sacrifice. As a result of her words, he was moved to reconsider what he was doing in the war. Unlike the many bosses before, Mustafa was a much more merciful Plegian. He was truly touched by Emmeryn's sacrifice, much like many of the other Plegian soldiers. He vowed to protect Chrom's army as much as he could if they were to surrender, though he knew they would not. Even when his subordinates thought of not fighting, Mustafa would not follow the law of death for insubordination, understanding the emotions running through their minds, similar to his. In fact, Mustafa allows his men to lay down their arms if they do not wish to fight, promising to take the blame himself. His humanity inspired his men to follow their bitter orders. He wished he did not have to fight Chrom's army, but he knew that if he abandoned his orders, Gangrel would murder his family to set an example for anyone else's cowardice. In the end, as Mustafa dies at the hands of Chrom's army, he asks them to spare his remaining army. Mustafa got along well with Henry; in his supports with Ricken, Mustafa always gave Henry a bag of peaches whenever he visited. Henry reminded him of his son and Mustafa told him that he considered him a part of his family.

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