Mutsuki Hajime

Mutsuki Hajime
Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 8th
182.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
toraishi v2
Popularity # 24849
Like # 27476
Trash # 14223

Hajime is known to be of commanding presence, making him stand out compared to other people. With his naturally great amount of charisma, he often ends up being the center of the group without him realizing. He is hailed as if he were a "King" by many, not only because of his personal appeal, but also because he is good at taking care of those around him. While he is a man of very few words, he can be quite blunt, at times sarcastic and severe, but well-meaning. He also maintains a dislike for doing things half-done or half-way. In addition to his strong aura, he also possesses high intellect, as he was a the top student among those that attended a very elite all-boys private school that had been hailed as one of Japan's top schools. He also possess a high level of English proficiency. Hajime also possess a lot of physical strength, often manifested in his famous "Iron Claw" technique, which makes him strong enough to crush an apple with his bare hands.[6] He has also practiced the art of self-defense, and has the strength of break a certain number of tiles. Despite his repertoire of skills and intellect, as well as his family background, Hajime keeps himself grounded and does not let himself get carried away with what he has accomplished. Surprisingly, he also has a childish side, which usually manifests when he and the senior members assemble. He can also sometimes be rather airheaded, making him the target of teasing by others. He has soft spots for animals and people younger than him. He often help them study by holding study session which receives the name "Iron Claw Cram School" because he's known to be strict to the ones he taught and punish them with his infamous iron claws.

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