Mysterious Ranmaru X

Mysterious Ranmaru X
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Popularity # 17906
Like # 16798
Trash # 21198

Mysterious Ranmaru X, Class Name Avenger, is an Avenger-class Servant Universe Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Mysterious Ranmaru X is the Servant Universe counterpart of Mori Ranmaru. In the Servant Universe, there exists a place called Planet Ranmaru, where everyone living there is Ranmaru. The souls of all those Ranmarus have all gathered together under the strongest of their kind, Ranmaru X, to fight off the lingering presence of Akechi Soul and now has arrived in Earth in her hunt for the evil spirit. Ranmaru X wears a black eyepatch to cover her red right eye which has special powers. While she is not technically related to Mori Nagayoshi due to being from different universes, both of them have a set of sharp chompers and at least one blood-covered expression to show that they are fundamentally siblings.

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