Myuu Ousawa

Myuu Ousawa
Original Name
Romaji Name
Miu Ōsawa
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 3491
Like # 3335
Trash # 4328

Myuu is one of the main female protagonists of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. She is the daughter of the Demon King and after his death at the hands of Akatsuki, she is brought to the Human World under the alias of his deceased younger sister Miu Ousawa as a student in JPN Babel following the final wish of her father. __Appearance__ Myuu is a young girl of average height. She has pink hair that she normally ties into two twin-tails and green eyes. She generally wears either her standard school uniform, school gym clothes, or the cloth generated by her AD. The only other clothes she is known to wear at this stage are her underwear. When she was younger she had dark-colored skin like any other Dark Elf, but as she got older her skin grew fair. Myuu has notably large breasts, for her age, that are so big that they often break the buttons on her uniform or bra. They are also large enough that they leave an opening on her gym clothes which reveals her cleavage. Myuu has been noted as being very attractive by several characters. __Personality__ Myuu has a strong and quiet nature as she can be hostile toward Akatsuki if he has done something to aggravate her but generally treats him fairly. Myuu is saddened by the death of her father but understands his wishes well as she joins Akatsuki for that reason. She is also very friendly and kind to others.

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