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Misaki Nagatoro
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Misaki Nagatoro is a minor character of the Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga series. She is a university student, Hayase Nagatoro's older sister and her family's oldest child. She likes to tease her little sister despite caring and loving her deeply as well as being a confidant and sort of role model for the protagonist. After realizing the true feelings between her younger sister and Senpai, she decides to help their budding relationship. Senpai and Gamo-chan only refer to her as "Big Sis-Toro". Misaki is a beautiful, shapely, and average-statured young woman with medium-length, straight black hair that falls on her forehead in a thick fringe, (later briefly decolorized and shortened at the tips). She has relatively light skin, and large, expressive, yet somewhat tired-looking dark amber-maroon eyes, with an attractive mole under the left one. Her ears are not pierced and she does not seem to wear earrings or any kind of jewelry. Misaki is very similar to her younger sister in terms of physical shape, sharing her lean, athletic, slender, and flexible physique, albeit with a noticeably larger bust size due to being a young adult rather than a teen. Misaki sports almost always a wide, kind, and sweet smile displaying incisors slightly more pronounced than average. Also, just like her sister, she tends to widen the pupil of just an eye whenever she grins. She typically wears practical or sports clothes, sweatshirts, tights, or short pants, and sneakers. Misaki is a calm, cheerful, easy-going, and level-headed young woman with a bit of a liking for teasing, just like her little sister Hayase, although at a much lower level. She loves to joke and is very friendly. When first introducing herself to Senpai she makes him believe she would have called the police and have him arrested for trespassing into her home, only to reveal she was merely kidding and then inviting him inside. A very mature and responsible person, Misaki behaves like an excellent hostess to Senpai and takes good care of her sister, to whom she's very protective and caring. She's described as the type who enjoys spoiling her little sister. Yet she has also proved to know Hayase so well that she managed to easily "manipulate" her, making her "dance in the palm of her hands" - much to Senpai's astonishment - even to the point of talking her around when she acted stubbornly or scolding her about her manners when she didn't behave, showing to be very polite and well-mannered. Misaki is very excitable, inquisitive, and honest, despite this blunt attitude of hers sometimes creating awkward situations and being a source of embarrassment for Hayase, albeit mostly unintentional. According to her little sister, she tends to "run her mouth off". Also, it's insinuated that she may be quite vain and even a little bit megalomaniacal.It's also shown that Misaki could emanate the same intimidating aura as her younger sister, and, whenever this happens, she is depicted with hellish shadows all over her face and disturbingly huge eyes pupils, making her look like a ghostly entity. As the "cool big sis" and model figure to Nagatoro, she's a sort of confidant to her; Nagatoro told her about Senpai more than once, indirectly making her aware of how she felt about him as well as their "erotic" interaction. Although she somewhat likes to tease her little sister and sometimes embarrass her, treating her as if she was still a little kid, or teasing her about romance, Misaki does love her deeply, is rather protective of her, and willing to help the relationship between her and Senpai, often offering to tell the latter more about Nagatoro if he wanted. It is also strongly implied that Hayase looks up to her greatly, trying to emulate her attitude and having learned how to "tease" boys from her, as well as often going to her for advice, looking at her skills in awe, listening to her lessons, and eventually doing what she suggested despite her stubbornness. In stark contrast with the maturity she usually displays, Misaki seems to have a habit of eavesdropping and very little sense of personal space. She can also be quite careless since she forgot to close the house's front gate before going shopping. She's extremely athletic and has an amazing combat prowess and Orihara herself described her as way stronger than her.

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