Nagisa Misumi

Nagisa Misumi
Original Name
美墨 なぎさ
Romaji Name
Misumi Nagisa
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Date of Birth
October 10th
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Misumi Nagisa (Natalie Blackstone in the Canadian English dub) is one of the two main Cures in Futari wa Pretty Cure and Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. She is a second- and later third-year student at Verone Academy and is in the same class as Honoka. Nagisa's alter ego is Cure Black. She has a habit of saying "Unbelievable!!" when she is upset, and also "Lucky!" whenever things go her way; otherwise, she might say "Unlucky!". Her other catchphrase (especially in the English dubs) is "Give me a break!". Her Pretty Cure partner is Cure White. Nagisa has short, ginger hair and light brown eyes with slightly tanned skin. When playing lacrosse she wears some hair up with a pink heart clip. Her casual outfit consists of a white shirt with long black sleeves worn over a short-sleeved pink jacket, a red skirt, and black and white sneakers with light pink socks. In the Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart movie, Nagisa wore a white and orange shirt with a pink vest, khaki skirt, a black wristband, and a pair of white socks with navy and white sneakers. During the party, she wears a reddish-pink dress with black trim and hearts on the skirt, along with black shoes that have pink bows on them and pale pink gloves. In the Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart Movie 2, she wore a thick pink coat with navy blue gloves, loose-fit dark gray pants, and red boots. On her head was pink snow goggles and a pale pink hat. She also wears a pale pink yukata at a different point. In the HUGtto! movie, she wears a white top with a red heart and the letter N on it beneath a pink-black jacket along with light brown shorts with a belt, black stockings and pink sneakers. As an adult, Nagisa wears the same casual outfit she wore during both Futari wa and Max Heart as a teenager, although she has grown taller, and her hair has also grown longer. As Cure Black, Nagisa's hair grows out and her bangs are slicked aside. Her eyes sharpen and she gains silver heart earrings. Her outfit is black, composed of a cropped top and a skirt with corner slit to reveal a pair of shorts. Pale pink ruffles line her sleeves and skirt, and mauve fabric covers the collarbone. On her chest is a pale pink ribbon, and she wears a pink belt with a heart buckle. Her boots are dark magenta, worn with black leg warmers lined in white with a pink heart on top, matching her gloves. In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Cure Black's outfit becomes a one piece and she gains a dark magenta vest. According to character designer Inagami Akira, the reason why her midriff is covered up this season was because the staff received feedback that children could potentially catch a cold if they wore similar outfits to what Cure Black wore in the previous season. The ribbon on her chest gains a pink heart, and her skirt gains pink lining and an additional ruffle layer, the frame of the heart on her belt now gold to match her earrings. Her gloves and leg warmers gain additional pink lining and ruffled trim. When she gains the Golden Powers in the first Max Heart movie, her outfit turns gold with diamonds replacing the hearts. As Super Cure Black in the second Max Heart movie, her hair is more vibrant and grows thicker. Her outfit gains additional magenta and gold lining and the ruffles become wing-like. Her ribbon turns yellow and on the collarbone are two hearts. Her leg warmers gain additional hearts and change slightly in shape to match her gloves. Rainbow Cure Black resembles this form, but her outfit loses some of its wing detail in place of fabric, and she gains a small pair of gold wings. Nagisa is a star lacrosse player at Verone Academy. She is very energetic and popular among other girls for her passionate nature, much to her dismay. She is weak with academics but her pure spirit makes up for it. She also has a large appetite and loves to eat chocolate, Fujita Akane's takoyaki, and according to Honoka- food with the word "yaki" in it. She can be childish and easily angered and loves to go out and play when it's nice and sunny. Despite her sporty nature, Nagisa is actually very girly and self-conscious. She has a large collection of stuffed animals and loves to shop, although she tends to squander her money and usually doesn't have any when she really needs it. Nagisa also has a crush on Honoka's childhood friend, Fujimura Shougo, and gets flustered whenever he is around. At times she is shown to be envious of Honoka since she gets confessions and love letters from boys more than twice a month. Deep down she can be sensitive, and she hates arguing with friends or seeing someone in pain above all else. Nagisa also has a great sense of justice, but it is hidden inside of her and only comes out when someone is in danger. She hates that innocent people get hurt for things they had nothing to do with.

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