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Nah is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening. She is the future daughter of Nowi. In contrast to her mother, Nah tries to be mature for her age and is accustomed to controlling her emotions. This is due in part to her upbringing of neglect by her foster family as they did not give Nah the emotional or familial support she desired after the loss of her parents. Her desperation to gain their attention and affection lead to a desire to prove her worthiness so she would not be cast aside again in the present timeline. She is proud of her Manakete heritage and is eager to learn all she can about the Manakete way of life once she arrived in the present timeline. She has inherited much of the Manakete physical traits and has stated that she occasionally has feral urges which she unleashes from time to time in a secluded forest to prevent her allies from being caught during her rampages. She strikes up a friendship with Tiki, but has come to terms with the fate of all Manaketes and their relationship with humans, namely that she will vastly outlive most of her comrades. She does vow to make the most of the time she has with her human friends and especially her father. Her bond with her mother in particular, the source of her Manakete heritage, is a somewhat strained one as Nowi's carefree nature clashes with her serious one. However, she later learns after spending time with her that Nowi's playtime between battles is simply a method for her to train and Nah begins to respect her more, taking Nowi's suggestions more to heart. Despite her outward appearance of maturity, she still has moments of childishness and is essentially still a child in Manakete years. She can be somewhat possessive of people, especially in the cases of her support with Inigo and Gerome. Nah openly questions her father's intentions to marry Nowi, but immediately drops the subject when they snap at her for being rude. She uses her Manakete form as a threat, declaring that she will devour whomever is disturbing her. Nah also, to an extent, dislikes her unusual name and wishes that she had a much more normal one. She has the best teeth in the army.

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