Nanami Hiromachi

Nanami Hiromachi
Original Name
Romaji Name
Hiromachi Nanami
Appears In
BanG Dream!
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 16th
157.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 9798
Like # 8741
Trash # 22359

Hiromachi Nanami is a second-year student at Tsukinomori Girls' Academy and the bassist of Morfonica. She also designs the band's posters. She is also classmates with Tsukushi. Nanami has pink eyes and peach pink hair that is slightly past shoulder-length. Part of her hair is put into twin tails with yellow thin ribbons or black hair ties depending on her outfit, and part of her bangs are swept to the side with black and white cat hairpin. In her initial outfit, Nanami wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a detailed collar and puffy sleeves, a pale pink button-up pinafore dress and a belt around her waist. Her outfit is completed with a small cross necklace. During winter, she wears a cream-white turtleneck sweater with rose-colored sleeves and which also has a thin purple ribbon around the neck, and a multi-colored pleated skirt. Her outfit is completed with a key hanging as a necklace. She also wears blue ribbons with cream white faux fur pom-poms. During summer, she wears short-sleeved white T-shirt with a pale green knee-length pinafore dress which has white ruffles at the end. She wears the yellow ribbons as she does in her initial outfit. Nanami is a somewhat peculiar girl who longs to be normal, and constantly wonders whether the things she does or says are normal. She worries about standing out and hides her true self in order to blend in. Due to the fact that she hasn't had many friends, Nanami has no idea how to stop people when they argue and such, was even willing to search the internet for a guide for that. Though she hides it, she gets excellent grades, has great artistic skill, and is a bit of a prodigy. She tends to brush her achievements off with phrases like "it was just a coincidence" or "this is nothing special". Adding to her genius nature, she is able to do things just with a bit of research on the internet, such as arranging songs or making accessories for the band's outfits. While pursuing the "normalcy" she yearns for, Nanami has sometimes ended up doing things that are hard to achieve normally or aren't regarded as normal, such as getting an average grade on all of her tests.

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