Nao Yokoyama

Nao Yokoyama
Original Name
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Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 12th
159.00 cm
46.00 kg
Blood Type
84.00 cm
57.00 cm
83.00 cm
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Popularity # 15720
Like # 14080
Trash # 26439

A cheerful and energetic girl from Osaka who speaks in Kansai dialect, Nao is what is considered to be a stereotypical Osakan person; like always keeping some candy for herself; though she not good with tsukomi in a boke & tsukomi routine. Nao is not a very bright girl, preferring to take action instead of thinking things over, and also has great confidence in her own stamina. She is very forgetful, often forgetting that she has a lesson, and sometimes forgets even what she just said a few minutes ago. Nao is also a harapeko (a character who can eat a lot and eats often, like Takane), evident by the fact that she wears a shirt that has harapeko written on it and a few of her cards depict her eating something, and she also often complains that she's hungry. Nao's close friends include Takane Shijou, Arisa Matsuda, and Minako Satake. Despite this, Nao is often irritated with Arisa's behavior of collecting other idols' data. As proven in a Drama CD, where Arisa revealed that she has a collection of Nao's photos.

ahoge brown hair energetic fair skin japanese kansai dialect long hair necklace pink eyes ponytail small breasts
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