Naon Yuno

Naon Yuno
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Naon Yuno is one of the Humanoid Shuuki who live in the Hidden Village. She became a Humanoid Shuuki due to the Peach she ate mutating her. As a human, she was a beautiful and attractive young woman with long black hair and a rather buxom figure. She was beautiful enough to become a model while in the human world . After becoming a Humanoid Shuuki, her hair turned white, and she gained gold eyes as opposed to their usual color. She grew a small horn on the right side of her head, and what appears to be a total of three spiked ornaments on both sides of her head. She has black studs on her earlobes and wears the same skintight uniform as other Humanoid Shuuki. Naon loves almost all things that are beautiful, including herself, as shown when revealing her own figure to others and referring to things as beautiful.

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