Naoto Tachibana Husbando

Naoto Tachibana
Original Name
橘 直人
Romaji Name
Tachibana Naoto
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 12th 2002
175.00 cm
61.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 10177
Like # 9224
Trash # 15093

As an adult, Naoto is a righteous individual who is also determined to alter save his sister. He has a no-nonsense personality and is usually unamused by others' humorous advances. He is also willing to embrace far-fetched possibilities, such as the fact that Takemichi can time-travel, and even make his own hypotheses about it. He actually has a dry sense of humor at times, as shown when during one of the Takemichi's travels back to the present, he expresses surprise that Takemichi was able to stop Hinata from dying because he's "complete trash". As a detective, Naoto has excellent deduction skills. He is able to quickly piece together scraps of information to create a big picture. His position grants him access to an extraordinary amount of information that the average person cannot get. This has been extremely helpful in aiding Takemichi to change the past to create a better present. He has been shown to be proficient in handling a firearm later on in the story. Naoto is the key to activating Takemichi's supernatural time-travel ability. Whether in the past or present, as long as the two shake hands, Takemichi will be transferred to the present (if he is in the past), or the past (if he is in the present). He is also the only person who is aware of the consequences caused by Takemichi's time-traveling aside from Takemichi and Chifuyu.

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