Naruko Morita

Naruko Morita
Original Name
Romaji Name
Morita Naruko
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Date of Birth
May 28th
152.00 cm
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Popularity # 20496
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Trash # 15958

Naruko Morita is a second-year student at Kishimai High School who has been trapped in Mobius for a year. After she discovers vital information about the truth of Mobius, she joins the Go-Home Club. Naruko is the shortest of the Club, with black hair arranged in medium-length pigtails and brown eyes. She also wears red semi-rimless glasses and silver headphones with a red flower icon on their top. Out of all the Go-Home Club members, she wears the most modified school outfit; she only keeps the jacket and emblem. She wears a white hoodie with a black cat face on the right, a red and white plaid skirt, blue stockings with another red flower design above the ankles, and white platform shoes with black laces and soles/heels. She also wears a black backpack. On her hoodie, there are numerous buttons; three below the cat icon and two on the pouches. Below the cat is a purple button with a white 3 on it, a lime green button with similar flowers as her Catharsis Effect, and a darker green badge with an unknown icon. On her hoodie pocket is a cream badge with a blue border and an orange star, and a black button with a series of colored dots. Her Catharsis Effect weapons take the form of two rounded white drones with black knife blades. There is a black flower symbol printed on their tops. Depending on the attack used, these drones fire variously-colored beams from the blade area. Her Catharsis Effect item takes the form of a large white box, half-hidden by her backpack, and a port just below her neck surrounded by a metal ring. The same black flower symbol, surrounded by a black circle, is printed onto its center, and its bottom half is hidden by her backpack as well. The Catharsis Effect also shreds the back of her jacket, hoodie, and her backpack as well.

short teen absolute territory black hair brown eyes fair skin glasses headphones neck-length hair over-knee socks pigtails small breasts student thin eyebrows zettai ryōiki bangs twintails
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