Naruzo Machio Husbando

Naruzo Machio
Original Name
街雄 鳴造
Romaji Name
Machio Naruzō
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 5377
Like # 4981
Trash # 7039

Machio Naruzo is a bodybuilder and personal trainer at Silverman Gym who regularly coaches the main characters from Koyo Girl's Academy and one of the series protagonists. Machio is a tall man of fair complexion with messy short black hair, blue eyes and a very handsome profile. He is most commonly seen wearing a blue and white tracksuit. Although he normally appears to be slender or average frame, he is in fact very muscular. Once flexing, he reveals such a deceptively large, bulky and well-defined physique, which is a complete contrast to his babyface, that he literally rips apart his clothing as he bulges out until all he is left wearing are his Speedos. Machio is by nature a very kind and helpful man who is dedicated to helping the members of the Silverman Gym better themselves. When Hibiki asked him if he would laugh at her after she is barely able to complete three sets of bench presses, he answers that he cannot laugh at someone trying their best. He is noted to have a charming personality and he is very knowledgeable about bodybuilding and exercise. Machio's running gag involves him flexing while posing where he bursts out of his clothing to reveal his well-built body. So fixated on physical fitness and his own physique, he looks for almost any excuse to show off, as even words that remind him of his muscles compel him to flex. He appears to be oblivious to how much his body freaks people out and apparently has no shame about being almost naked in public. On one occasion, it was shown that he would board a plane in only his Speedos if they let him.

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