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Natasha is forced to flee from Grado because her master, a very well-respected and loved priest (possibly Father McGregor), discovered the empire's plan to destroy the Sacred Stones and was killed for it. However, he managed to entrust Natasha with the secret while he was dying. She attempts to avoid being seen after her departure, but is discovered in the town of Serafew. After failing to convince Grado's soldiers that she is not a traitor, she immediately seeks Eirika's help in making the secret plan known to other countries. She also recruits Joshua, a myrmidon whom she encountered near the local arena, to Eirika's cause. Natasha is a graceful, gentle, loyal, and serious person. According to Joshua, her ability to heal is not only limited to healing the body, but also the mind of soul of those who seek her help. In her A support conversations with Joshua and Seth. she is rather doubtful of making a decision on their proposals, but chooses to accept it anyway. She is very kindhearted and caring, as portrayed in her support conversations, in which she is dedicated to helping others in any possible way. After discovering the reason for Grado's sudden invasion of Renais, she is the first person to betray her country, despite the immense danger to her life. Despite this, she is very humble and quickly claims that she does not deserve praise whenever she receives it.

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