Natsu Tanimoto Husbando

Natsu Tanimoto
Original Name
谷本 夏
Romaji Name
Tanimoto Natsu
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
176.00 cm
70.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 39659
Like # 38912
Trash # 37060

Natsu Tanimoto, or Hermit, was the Sixth Fist of Ragnarök, and is an unofficial captain of the Shinpaku Alliance (albeit strongly denying affiliation with any of them despite them continuing to ask him to join). He is the disciple of Sōgetsu Ma , the holder of the Moon Symbol of Yomi, one of Kenichi's main rivals and currently a second year student at Kōryō High School. Tanimoto is the president of the drama club at Kenichi's school and is considered to be the school's "prince", pretending to be a kind and soft spoken student, which plays well seeing how he is popular with both teachers and students. To further the illusion that he is a gentle and kind person, he makes sure not to reveal his muscular build, and even claims that the sun is bad for his skin just to prevent his body from being shown off during the camping trip.

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