Natsumi Kyouno

Natsumi Kyouno
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kyouno Natsumi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 23rd
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Natsumi Kyouno is the seventh Spirit to appear in the series. Natsumi has matching emerald-colored hair and eyes. She first appears as a slender woman whose age should be slightly past 20 years old. She sports a curvaceous body and wears purple semi-transparent full-body tights with star patterns all over it. A belt is hung at her waist, and some articles of cloth are attached to it. Her outfit is complete with a cape, a witch hat with a pair of bat wings, and a belt with an emerald attached to its front. Overall, her appearance resembles that of a flashy witch. In this form, her height is stated to be 170cm, and her three sizes are B94/W62/H90. It is later revealed that her true form is a sullen little girl with unkempt hair and skin. Shido and the girls once gave her a makeover to help her self-esteem, but her original features would later resurface. Her Astral Dress here is a orange shawl with star-like decorations, and a miniskirt with bat-like extensions to the side. The outfit is also complete with stockings of orange and purple stripes, with the right longer than the left one. Her witch's hat is now comically oversized for her. The brim of the hat now has spiked corners, and the attached emeralds have increased in both size and number to form a ring surrounding the trim of the hat. Natsumi's height while in her true form is stated to be 144cm, and her three sizes are B69/W55/H70. The personality of the pre-sealed Natsumi is best described as self-loathing. Natsumi had a physiological perception problem in which she perceived everything negatively, including herself. She was prone to be jealous of others that have facial and/or body types that are considered attractive or beautiful, which she does not have. Reine speculated that Natsumi developed this way of thinking from past experiences on Earth while in her normal form. However, due to her power to transform, she tries to act and take on the persona of that form with a twist on her personality to do some mischievous deeds. This resulted in the creation of an "Onee-san" persona in which she perceives as the perfect image of herself. Her adult form is much more confident and flirtatious, using affectionate honorifics like “-chan” and “-kun” that her true form would forgo. However, it seems that Natsumi's true nature is that of a curious child that wants attention along the lines of: "I want to be noticed, I want to be praised, I want to be acknowledged, and I want to be liked". As a result, she subsequently developed such a negative mindset that she twisted innocent compliments into insults, struggling to believe that her true form had any appeal. After befriending Shido and the Spirits, Natsumi still feels insecure about her true form, but she is far more comfortable with herself than beforehand. She remains quite pessimistic, and her very weak mental state allows her to regain her sealed Reiryoku just by thinking of humiliating events from school. However, deep down, she is still very grateful to have friends who promote her self-worth.

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