Natsumi Kyouno

Natsumi Kyouno
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kyouno Natsumi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 549
Like # 483
Trash # 1669

The personality of the pre-sealed Natsumi is best described as self-loathing. Natsumi had a physiological perception problem in which she perceived everything negatively including herself. She was prone to be jealous of others that have facial and/or body types that are considered attractive or beautiful, which she does not have. Reine speculated that Natsumi developed this way of thinking from past experiences on Earth while in her normal form. However, due to her power to transform and shape-shift, she tries to act and take on the persona of that form with a twist of her personality to do some mischievous deeds. Also, she created an "Onee-san" form in which she perceives as the perfect image of herself. However, it seems that Natsumi's true nature is that of a curious child that wants attention along the lines of: "I want to be noticed, I want to be praised, I want to be acknowledged, and/or I want to be liked."

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