Neia Baraja

Neia Baraja
Original Name
Romaji Name
Neia Baraha
Place of Origin
Holy Kingdom
Date of Birth
May 1st
Blood Type
Popularity # 5146
Like # 5316
Trash # 4027

Neia Baraja is a citizen of the Roble Holy Kingdom. While starting out as a mere squire in the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army, after meeting Ainz Ooal Gown, she became vital in liberating her country. Afterward, she became the leader of a cult that follows the Sorcerer King's ideals that "strength is justice. Neia is a young, teenage girl with short blonde hair and beady black eyes slanted upwards, giving the impression that she was constantly glaring at others. On the other hand, the dark circles around these eyes made the people around her think that she was the kind of person who hung around with criminals in seedy back alleys. She was also shown to be carrying a sword at her waist, emblazoned with the crest of the Holy Kingdom's knight order. Additionally, she is adorned in a blackish-looking cape which is used to cover around the upper parts of her getup.

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