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Neimi and Colm grew up together in the village of Lark. She was trained by her grandfather, the legendary Zethla, the "single-arrow legend". Whenever Zethla went hunting, he only carried a single arrow with him, yet never missed his hunting target. Neimi's deceased mother was a high-ranked cleric who left the clergy to get married; Neimi's most prized possession is a mirror that belonged to her mother. Colm always defended her in front of bullies and protected her constantly, a habit he still practices. Colm is blunt and sometimes downright rude to Neimi, though his snide attitude crumbles when he sees her cry. They each have somewhat of a crush on each other, revealed in supports with other characters. Neimi says when Amelia asks her if there is a boy she likes, that "He's someone who's always watched over me, stood by my side. He used to make me cry, but I...I love him." Neimi is mild, sweet and very sensitive. She is a crybaby, and gets tearful for the most banal things. Neimi tends to apologize for the slightest reasons, she always blames herself by thinking that she did the wrong thing. She is humble and insecure, if she is a combatent in the final battle against Fomortiis, she wonders confunsingly if she should be in this important event. She is not really sure how she got involved in the war as she doesn't have strong will and convictions, but she decided to help the cause even so. Despite her lack of coping skills, she is actually a great archer with excelent shot. She is prideful of her grandfather that trained her. She also has a love for animals and used to have a fox as a pet, and wishes to take more animals to raise when the war is over. She has a childhood crush on Colm, but his harsh demeanor always makes her cry. It is unknown why he is so harsh with her most of the time, though it is implied that he is trying to train her out of her hyper-sensitivity.

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