Nene Odagiri

Nene Odagiri
Original Name
小田切 寧々
Romaji Name
Odagiri Nene
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
September 4th 2017
160.00 cm
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Nene Odagiri is the former Student Council Clerk and Treasurer who was one of the seven witches and Vice president of the Student Council in Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo. Nene is a girl of average height with a curvy, but slim well-endowed build. She has purple hair that reaches down to the middle of the back of her neck and is braided behind her ears. While she usually lets it hang loose, she has been known to do it up in a bun and whenever she is bathing, she is always wearing a fuzzy ribbon to keep her braids in place. Like almost all female characters in the series, she has exposed ears and long hair locks in front of her ears. She has purple eyes and relatively thick eyebrows. Ryu, Ushio, and other boys have all noted on her beauty. In school, she wears the standard Suzaku High uniform, and in her spare time, she is usually seen wearing an assortment of dresses, blouses, and skirts. During the Performance Contest, Nene is first seen wearing the Yakisoba Bread Fairy Costume and later, the Seven Witches Costume. Nene is often shown to have a bossy attitude and can be arrogant sometimes. Having a tsundere personality and being prideful, Nene is often seen snapping at people. She is shown to have high self-esteem in what she does or believes in. In her moments of confidence, she tends to flip her hair. However, there is a soft side to her, which develops as the series goes on. In various situations, Nene was shown putting someone else before her, such as when she wanted to help Tsubasa Konno. Later on, while talking to himself, Yamada states: "Friggin Odagiri. Worrying about stuff like that, and not even thinking about herself! Although that's Odagiri for ya..." in response to her worry that Alex was going to go through high school alone without any friends.

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