Neuvillette Husbando

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Genshin Impact
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December 18th
182.00 cm
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Neuvillette is a playable Pneuma-aligned Hydro character in Genshin Impact. Neuvillette is the Iudex of Fontaine, and the leader of the Marechaussee Phantom. While Neuvillette upholds the rules of the court with utmost reverence, he is quite aloof when dealing with human emotions and often distances himself from the public eye. Despite his human appearance, he is actually the Dragon of Water—the Hydro Sovereign. However, he did not obtain full dragonhood until the events of Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act V - Masquerade of the Guilty when the Hydro Archon Focalors returned the powers stolen by the Heavenly Principles from the Sovereigns back to him. Neuvillette uses the tall male model. He has pale skin, dark blue-shaded slit eyes, pointed ears, and waist length white hair with a single lock that has a blue underside. He also has what appears to be two bright, blue horn-like accessories at shoulder length. In accordance to his role as the Chief Justice, Neuvillette takes the court and trials very seriously, handing out verdicts with impartiality. He is notably perceptive, being able to hear Paimon's whispers and is able to deduce the additional details from the evidence provided to him during a trial. He utilizes the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale to make the final decision, honoring its request regardless of his own feelings on the matter as per protocol. Due to his position and ties to the Hydro Archon, he is popular among Fontaine's people as a symbol of justice and honor. As a member of the Seven Sovereigns, Neuvillette is unfamiliar with human customs and feelings, using the court to help him process and understand them. He rarely spends his time out in public, as he does not enjoy unwanted attention, and in the few times he speaks to humans, he appears to be aloof, though honest in his words. However, when interacting with Melusines, he is extremely friendly, seen as the ideal father by them; likewise, he is fiercely protective of them, considering them the pride of Fontaine and investigating matters himself should he hear of a Melusine being bullied or threatened. This stems from his failure to protect his friend and subordinate, Carole, when she was driven to death due to Fontainian's prejudice, and Neuvillette being forced to sentence his other friend, Vautrin, for carrying out a revenge killing for Carole, he had since resolved to prevent such tragedy from happening ever again. When he was initially reincarnated, Neuvillette was left with many questions about himself, leading to him accepting a position as the Iudex. His time overseeing trials led him to experience a plethora of human experiences and emotions, which was secretly prepared by Focalors in the hopes that his newfound perception would save the people of Fontaine from a looming prophecy that would exterminate them. Upon learning the full extent of Focalors' deception, he admitted that she was devious and was both saddened and shocked by her self-sacrifice. Indeed, having seen humanity positively, Neuvillette used his fully restored powers to save the people and left aside fragments of his power in the form of Visions for those worthy of them. Neuvillette opposes the Heavenly Principles, and by extension The Seven, as they usurped the authority of the Dragons that once ruled Teyvat. Despite his appearance, Neuvillette enjoys water and is an avid taster, being able to discern the properties of where the water came from and how it's prepared; as a result, this also extends to him liking food with plenty of sauce. He does not like deep fried food and grilled food with no sauce, especially taking great offence to Charcoal-Baked Ajilenakh Cakes.

playable playable character blue hair fair skin long hair multicolor pointy ears white hair yellow eyes
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