Nikki Hanada

Nikki Hanada
Original Name
Romaji Name
Hanada Niki
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Date of Birth
August 31st 2001
180.00 cm
85.00 kg
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Nikki Hanada is a survivor that was revived by Tsukasa. She later defected from the Tsukasa Empire and joined the Kingdom of Science. Her unofficial role in the Kingdom of Science is the disciplinary, as she is constantly shown keeping people like Magma and Yo in line, stopping them from doing violent or shortsighted things. She is also a member of the Power Team. Nikki is a considerably tall young woman with a slim, but curvy and well-muscled figure with a rather impressive bust size. She has blonde hair that is braided into two ponytails which come down to her shoulders and are tied at the ends with a blue bow. She has round, expressive eyes with large lips and an average sized nose. Her attire consists of a crude green dress with a U neckline that shows her impressive cleavage, that splits at her hips, with a sash belt wrapped around her waist that holds two bat-like clubs, and cloth shoes. After she is de-petrified again in the Petrification Kingdom, her outfit remains as a crude green dress with split hip ends, but now it has a corset design on the stomach region, with the top being replaced by a V-neckline bikini with a fur neck, and on her hips fur tussles held on by two metal plates, and on the back is a leather belt-like holster for her bat clubs. Like most modern timers, she has a petrification scar on her body but it is unknown where. She later recreates her unknown scar, as a sign of loyalty to Senku. Nikki is fiercely devoted to Lillian Weinberg. It is implied that in the modern world, she was having a rough time at school and listening to Lillian's songs saved her. When she listens to Senku's broadcast, she is able to tell through Gen's disguise of Lillian due to having a wide knowledge of trivia facts about her. However, once Senku states he has the final surviving copy of Lillian's song, she quickly changes side from Tsukasa's army to Senku's Kingdom of Science to help protect it. Like Kohaku, she is quite strong for a woman and is shown to handle a great deal of the physical work alongside Kohaku, Magma, Taiju, and Yo. While seemingly proud of her strength, she gets annoyed when others point out her lack of femininity, at one point kneeing Magma severely (and comically) in the crotch for stating she didn't count as a beauty (though, she did agree with him). In addition, despite her strength, she is actually extremely feminine. While making cloth for the hot air balloon, she suggested dyeing it in many different colors. In addition, when writing captions on photographs, her handwriting was so girly and cute people mistook it for Mirai's at first (before she corrected them). She also demonstrated desire for more girly clothing once Yuzuriha began mass producing fashionable modern clothing. Gen has also pointed out that she is perhaps the purest maiden there is, since when she was asked to fake being in love with Hyoga to try and convince him to fight alongside them, she got flustered at the idea.

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