Niko Kuna

Niko Kuna
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Niko Kuna (久南 ニコ, Kuna Niko) is a veteran researcher who works for the S.R.D.I.,[1] which is tied to the 12th Division of the Gotei 13. She joined the Shinigami Research and Development Institute upon its inception by Kisuke Urahara and has remained in its service since.[1] While she was working in one of the S.R.D.I.'s labs, the Reiatsu of members of the Ninth Division disappeared. Urahara came rushing into the lab and asked where Hiyori Sarugaki was. She told him that Hiyori had already left for the Ninth Division's location.[2] Later, when Urahara lies back in his office distracted over what to do, she comes to the door and wishes him goodnight as she goes home. Leaving, she gives him a worried glance before walking away sadly.

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