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Nina is a playable child character in Fire Emblem Fates and the daughter of Niles. Though she is cool and collected with a good intellect, Nina also has dubious delusions. Seeing two males in close proximity to each other, especially when they are interacting, fuels her delusions of a possible "steamy" relationship between the two. As a result of the innumerable delusions that she harbors about boys in her fantasies, Nina has thus developed, ironically enough, a debilitating nervousness that prevents her from interacting with them with ease, making her the worst at talking to males out of everyone in the army. This is evidenced throughout her supports with most male characters outside of her father and Forrest, as he is the only guy she feels comfortable talking with due to the fact that he does not dress nor act like a typical boy his age does. Her fantasies are so obsessive that it has escalated to the point of her developing unique tactics and strategies for stealth and spying that is considered the best in the army, a fact revealed in her supports with her mother. Her supports with Caeldori expands on this where she asks Nina to go on a scouting mission in her place and find the enemy's location and numbers, but returns with their weak points, weapon locations and patrol routes in addition to what was required. Her supports with Asugi demonstrates her ability to study the routine of anyone she stalks, as the former is convinced that a merchant that Nina is watching is actually a spy but she disproves him due to studying his daily routine. She also admits that while she is good with covert activities, she still has room for improvement as she was unable to hear Asugi approaching due to him being a trained ninja. Apart from her delusions, Nina is actually really friendly, albeit snarky, to other women whom she considers a friend and tends to help them when needed. Her supports with Shiro reveal that she enjoys watching plays because they help fuel her fantasies with more stories to write about. She has a strained relationship with her father. Though Niles' intentions for putting her in the Deeprealms were for her safety, Nina disliked the fact that he was not more involved in her life. Through their supports, she can eventually reconcile with him after learning his history. However, she does not have the same sort of initial hostility towards her mother. With that said, Nina has inherited a sadistic side from her father, although she saves it for her enemies, saying things such as 'I wanna see them cry' or 'I'll make them suffer' when supporting an ally.

archer armor blue eyes braided hair braids fair skin long hair playable playable character small breasts thigh highs white hair yaoi fangirl medium breasts braided twintails
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