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Nina is the daughter of Niles, and an outlaw who grew up in a deeprealm. Like the other children of Fates, Nina was placed in the Deeprealms to protect her from the war. However, due to Niles' infrequent visits, Nina believed that Niles did not care for her and decided to take up the life of a thief as an escape without Niles knowing about it. Eventually she formed a gang of other thieves performing Robin Hood-like acts in which they rob greedy nobles of their gold, treasure and other valuables before giving said valuables back to the commoners who lost their gold to the nobility. Though she is cool and collected with a good intellect, she also has dubious delusions. Seeing two males in close proximity to each other, especially when they are interacting, fuels her delusions of a possible "steamy" relationship between the two. As a result of the innumerable delusions that she harbors about boys in her fantasies, Nina has thus developed, ironically enough, a crippling nervousness that prevents her from interacting with them with ease. This is evidenced throughout her supports with most male characters outside of her father and Forrest, as he is the only guy she feels comfortable talking with due to the fact that he does not dress nor act like a typical boy his age does. Apart from her delusions, Nina is actually really friendly, albeit snarky, to other women whom she considers a friend and tends to help them when needed. Her supports with Shiro reveal that she enjoys watching plays because the help fuel her fantasies with more stories to write about. Nina is the worst at talking to the opposite gender out of everyone in the army.

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