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Nina Clive
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Nīna Kuraivu
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Nina Clive was one of the protagonists of Practical War Game. An Elf that lived during the Great War, he also had direct control over the Áka Si Anse and the Elf Development Facility. After Think Nirvalen fakes her death, she makes Nina have the title of Gran Magus in order to accomplish her plans, during this time, Think believed that Nina was female because she never asked his real gender. Being short and slender while having fair skin, Nina has a rather feminine appearance, so much that Think didn't realize his true gender over many years. His blonde hair is mostly short except for 2 bangs framing his face and reaches all the way down to his thigh, transitioning to lavender in color at the end. His eyes are dark blue with 4 diamond shaped irises and he is always wearing a pair of glasses. He has 3 soul stones on his forehead and pointy ears like all Elves. He is often seen wearing many accessories, like a hat adorned with colorful feathers, a yellow patterned scarf and a red bracelet on his left thigh. When he's posing as the Gran Magus, he would wear a cloak decorated with many badges and medals. His default clothing is rather revealing, exposing his shoulders, midriff and thighs. It's likely worn according to Think's preferences rather than his, however. He is cautious and do things with diligence, as seen when he was carrying out all tasks assigned by Think properly, be it buying pornographic books, cleaning her up or acting as the Gran Magus on her behalf. He appears to be meek and obedient when facing Think in private, but is capable of putting up a strong and confident front when posing as the Gran Magus. Also, he appears to have a crush on Think, so much that he was willing to endure her sexual harassment and take on very difficult task for her sake. He proposed to Think when Disboard was created, which she reciprocated somewhat, but their relationship in the end was rather peculiar.

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