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Nino is a fourteen-year old mage from Fire Emblem. Initially kidnapped by Sonia from her true family as a child and brought under the Black Fang upon Sonia's marriage to Brendan Reed, she later chooses to join the player's army upon realising that the group has strayed far from its original intentions. Nino, despite being neglected and spited by her foster mother on several occasions, has retained a sense of loving optimism and deep caring to those in need; in the former case, she speaks with her two foster brothers about how she hopes that she will do a good job in her next mission, with the two later remarking on this personality trait. During this same mission, instead of finishing off Jaffar as required by the Fang's Judgement, Nino instead elects to nurse the assassin back to good health; while she is reprimanded by her patient, she refuses to go back on her decision and continues to nurse him back to health. In addition, upon meeting the shaman Canas, she expresses great joy upon being told that he will teach her how to read, and after learning to do so, she tells him to quickly return home after their travels are over so then he can spend more time with his infant son. Nino continues her optimism with Merlinus; while initially called a "an imp with the face of an angel", Nino continues to stay with Merlinus in hopes of him warming up to her, which eventually does happen, to the point of Merlinus willingly taking the role as a replacement for Nino's own Uncle Jan. Nino, however, is also very emotional with other characters in the player's army, especially on the subject of her foster family and herself. When speaking with Florina about her two foster brothers, Nino is reduced to tears when she believes the two will hate her because of how they ended up on opposite sides of the battlefield, despite Florina's best wishes. Nino also shows this emotional side to fellow mage Erk; when told she has incredible talent at anima magic due to her inability to read, Nino bursts into tears, with the claim that no one has previously praised her in such a way. Nino also show some cases of true anger; in early supports, Jaffar tells the young mage that he will always try to be her best friend, as well as never leave her side. However, Jaffar later tells Nino that he can no longer remain her best friend, and the mage goes as far as to tell Jaffar that she hates him for breaking this promise, though it later turns out that Jaffar wants to be her lover instead of just a best friend. In addition, in the game's last moments, Nino cries when fighting against some of the morphs of her family, sometimes asking for forgiveness from the emotionally inanimate morphs, but this sadness turns into rage when she fights against Nergal, whom she swears she will get her revenge on.

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