Nirengeki Shoda Husbando

Nirengeki Shoda
Place of Origin
Tokyo, Japan
Date of Birth
February 2nd
165.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 12826
Like # 19638
Trash # 4352

Nirengeki Shoda, also known as Mines, is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Nirengeki is a chubby young man of average height, with short, ice-blue hair and a round face. He has large, wide eyes with small pupils, and is usually seen looking a little sheepish and apologetic; his eyebrows are almost always pointed upwards. His hero costume consists of a black, high-collared suit with a trim of white pale lines around its collar and hem, and a similar pattern over his torso and shoulders, along with plain black pants and white knee-high boots. A blue scouter-looking device is worn over his left eye, and he has a connected radar on the back of one of his gloved hands. Nirengeki has a very humble attitude, as he will not take credit for something he does not feel he earned by his own strength. He's good friends with Tenya Ida and complimented Mina Ashido on her punch afterward, implying that he is mature and does not hold grudges.

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