Nitocris (Alter)

Nitocris (Alter)
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Nitocris Alter is a aspect of Nitocris unable to be summoned in Proper Human History. Not possessing the natural aptitude for the Avenger Class due to being an "avenger without vengefulness," only through the circumstance of being given an Alter Saint Graph would she manifest in the class. She manifests as a unique Avenger possessing the Class Skills of the Berserker class.[1] She has become the earthly embodiment of Anubis and a fearsome arbiter of divine punishment, although is not quite a Divided Spirit of him. While she hasn't formed a Divine Core, Nitocris Alter possesses magical energy on par with a Divine Spirit. The reason her Saint Graph hasn't become a Divided Spirit of Anubis with a Divine Core is possibly because the Pharaohs from the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt wished her not to.[1] As the inversion of her Caster self ruling the netherworld despite being the incarnation of the sky god Horus, Nitocris Alter is the Queen of the Netherworld who inhabits the sky.

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