Nnoitra Gilga Husbando

Nnoitra Gilga
Original Name
ノイトラ ジルガ
Romaji Name
Noitora Jiruga
Place of Origin
Hueco Mundo
Date of Birth
November 11th
215.00 cm
93.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Luca Ishigami
Popularity # 19303
Like # 24544
Trash # 7909

Nnoitra Gilga is the Fifth Espada, identified by the "5" tattooed on the tongue; previously held the role of eighth Espada. The aspect of death it represents is despair. He is extremely tall and slender, with a thin face and a perennial evil grin. He has long black hair and wears a patch on his left eye to hide his hole from Hollow. Around it is also the remaining part of the mask, which vaguely resembles two toothed jaws. Nnoitra is extremely sadistic, bloodthirsty and cruel, and his goal is to prove that he is the strongest of all the Espada. Not accepting the fact that the third Sword Neliel Tu Oderschvank was superior to her, Nnoitra defeated her thanks to her complicity with Szayel and broke her mask, causing her to lose her status, causing amnesia and a regression to the infantile state. Nnoitra is extremely crude, sadistic, and lecherous, accented by his snake-like eyes and perverted attitude towards Orihime, rudely referring to her as "pet-sama".

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