Ichigo Ichigō

Ichigo Ichigō
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一郷 いちご
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Ichigō Ichigo
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Ichigo Ichigō, better known as No. 1, is Kaguya's classmate and friend. Her moniker refers to her status as Kaguya's foremost and closest admirer.[vol. 1] She joined the Public Morals Committee with Kaguya. Ichigo is a young girl with short black hair and covered eyes, she is commonly seen in the Shimoshina High School Boy's uniform, being a girl crossdresser instead of a boy one. When not crossdressing, Ichigo can be seen wearing an off-shoulder sweater and a skirt, her bust size is dramatically increased and her eyes are uncovered. Acting as a foil to Kaguya's vanity and self-centeredness, No. 1 is much more selfless and down to Earth. She is never seen losing her temper and is always eager to befriend and help out as many people as she can, regardless of any consequences to her own social standing. This side of her is clearly seen through her friendship with Kaguya and her actions within the Public Morals Committee. She cut her hair and started cross-dressing in order to shoulder some of the burden that Kaguya was experiencing, and takes the daily uniform check of each student very seriously in contrast to Kaguya who hates doing it. It is implied that she does extremely well in school due to her dedication, also due to the fact that she served as her class representative in the fifth grade. Ultimately, her dedication leads to her being appointed as the next chairman of the Public Morals Committee at the end of the series once Mitsunaga and Hiro graduate. Since she hasn't dressed regularly in over five years, No. 1 can get extremely flustered and embarrassed whenever she ends up doing so. Despite how many admirers she gets that tell her how pretty she is in regular clothes, she ultimately decides to continue crossdressing deciding that she does it because she wants to, not necessarily to help Kaguya anymore. It may also have to do with the fact that she is a bit embarrassed about her extremely large bust, and that it hurts a bit even when wearing a bra. In total, No. 1 dresses normally three times during the series; first when Kaguya asks her not to for a day as a birthday present to him, second when she and Kaguya go out shopping, and third as a Christmas surprise to Kaguya in order to get him to stop being such a scrooge. She is also seen dressing normally during a flashback to the time they first met. No. 1 is very loyal to Kaguya, being with him almost constantly and remaining as his best friend and admirer. She cares greatly for Kaguya and will always do what he asks or what is in his best interest.

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