Noa Takigawa

Noa Takigawa
Original Name
滝川 ノア
Romaji Name
Takigawa Noa
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 29th
148.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 3063
Like # 2839
Trash # 5188

Noa Takigawa is one of the seven witches of Rika Saionji's set, prior to her power being removed who originally had the Retrospective power and she is currently the spotter of Ushio Igarashi. Noa is a petite girl with light-blue hair that is tied into two loose pigtails by black ribbons with bangs covering the right side of her face, red eyes and a slender frame with a less noticeable bust. She wears Suzaku High Girls Uniform, consisting of a white collar shirt with a red and black-striped bow, and a gray plaid skirt with red stripes. The sleeves of her shirt appear to be overly long and are usually shown covering the palms of her hands, leaving only her knuckles and fingers visible. She also wears a dark blue sweater vest over her shirt. She later wears a vest with long sleeves similar to her white shirt's. She wears black thigh socks and white shoes. She is always seen with a lollipop. At first, Noa herself can be seen as a trouble maker, calculating, and even possibly a malicious individual as many have believed that she has blackmailed Saeko Fukazawa, Keigo Shibutani and Ren Asano into becoming her friends/minions. She is not afraid to use strength when threatened and is a fairly intelligent person. As Ryu Yamada becomes closer to her, it is revealed that she is actually a good person at heart. Her friendship with her three friends are pure and true and she wishes to help them solve their problems but cannot find a good way to do so. She holds Ryu in high regard as he is the first person to understand her loneliness and is the first person to make her fulls of happiness, which is shown when she becomes extremely depressed after her memories of Ryu were wiped, and that the happiest moment of her when shown from Sora Himekawa's power is when Ryu finally come back and restore her memories of him. She is also a forgiving person; willing to let go of her grudge of Kaori Yasojima when the latter own troubles and insecurity is revealed and becoming her friend.

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