Noble Fencer

Noble Fencer
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Reijō Kenshi
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Noble Fencer, currently referred to as Female Merchant, is a young woman who fled from her noble family to become an Adventurer and make a name of her own. Noble Fencer has honey-colored hair and wears fancy clothing that reflects her noble status. Her hair was originally tied into two pigtails, but she cut them off after surviving her ordeal with Goblins. The back of her neck is branded with the sign of the God of Wisdom, which was partially removed by Sword Maiden after the Goblin Paladin was defeated. As a merchant and royal advisor, Noble Fencer wears a starched, proper outfit. Her hair grew out a bit in the interim, but she now maintains it at a length just past her jaw and halfway down her neck. During her earlier time as an Adventurer, Noble Fencer was confident yet ambitious, as she looked down upon Goblins and thought that she and her Party would become Platinum-ranked with ease. However, her traumatizing ordeal with Goblins as well as the slaughter of her whole Party turned her into a despondent and brooding individual fixated on killing the Goblin Paladin and retrieving her rapier. She also starts to become extremely violent towards Goblins, even taking her anger out on Priestess when she prays for benediction over Goblin corpses (something she does to insure the Goblins won't return as undead). After she and Goblin Slayer's party managed to destroy the Goblins and retrieve her rapier, Noble Fencer mellows and becomes more social with her new friends, coming to terms with her mistakes and the death of her Party, even making amends with her parents and Priestess for her earlier aggression. After coming to terms with all her mistakes and trauma, Female Merchant dedicates her life to using her new found fortune and business sense to help train rookie Adventures so that no one can suffer the same mistakes she made.

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