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She is a volunteer soldier who hails from a village near Altea Castle. When Marth and his soldiers reach Draug, who has prepared a vessel for them, Norne follows him and is introduced to Marth. As an archer who possesses great skill with her bow, Norne volunteers to join Marth´s army when he is escaping from Altea. After the war, she returns to her village and lives a peaceful, yet otherwise unremarkable life. Norne has a somewhat cheery personality compared to others in Shadow Dragon, implied by her greeting with Marth and her death quote. It is said in the 20th Anniversary Book that Norne has mutual romantic affection for Draug. A base conversation reveals that Norne has no sense of direction; this statement is somewhat proven through being with someone in all of her first appearances (Draug in Shadow Dragon, Frey in New Mystery of the Emblems main story, and Caeda in the third downloadable episode). Her village is near Sera village, the village where Kris came from, so she used to see him/her when his/her grandfather asked to carry the wood to Norne's village. One time, she got lost in a forest and started crying, but Kris came and stayed with her until adults led them out, which cheered her up thoroughly, and she developed a friendship with him/her. She had been thinking about him/her ever since, as revealed in their third conversation.

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