Nýi Tilvilg

Nýi Tilvilg
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Nīi Tiruvirugu
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Nýi Tilvilg, nicknamed Til is a handicapped Dwarf that appears in Volume 10 of the Light Novel. After the events of the volume, she is now accompanying Sora and Shiro on their adventures after self-exiled from her home country, Harden Fell. Nýi has the appearance of a tan young girl although, in actuality, she is 84 years old. She has messy platinum hair which gradually fades into a tint of yellow. and seems to have azure eyes with cerulean blue pupils. On her head, she has two horns and a pair of goggles. She also has a monocle and one earring. She also has many different markings around her body. Unlike other Dwarves, Nýi absolutely has no body hair, making her unable to overload. According to her, she is "as smooth as a dolphin." She dons a large white cloak that is tied at the bottom and is attached to a pair of suspenders with a ring around her waist and has a pair of gloves and boots. In their initial meeting, Sora has a poor first impression due to the cloak covering her entire body until she untied it later. Nýi has serious self-esteem issues shown in occasionally calling herself a "mole", due to her lack of Mithril hair and being shunned by her fellow Dwarf people, to the extent of not even recognizing herself as a Dwarf. Therefore, She has forsaken her allegiance to Dwarf and had no objection in 『 』's plot against her uncle. Since her childhood, she has always dreamed of seeing the sky and hates her home Harden Fell due to it's subterranean nature. She used to have aspirations to exceed her uncle Veig in terms of crafting but eventually lost it and become the self-conscious girl she is at the beginning of the volume. After meeting Sora and Shiro, Nýi becomes more confident in herself and regains her aspirations. She has a very avant-garde way of speaking occasionally ending phrases with "...I do!"

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