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Nyx is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and an ally in the Conquest and Revelation routes. A pessimistic individual by nature, Nyx views life rather gloomily. This is not without a cause, however; as earlier mentioned, this is owing to her framing her entire life around an innate desire to atone for her crimes of killing innocent people. This desire is especially evident whenever she participates in battles, where the things she says revolve around her constantly reminding herself that her every action is part of her "punishment". It is because of her past that eventually her demeanor became cold, serious and pessimistic. And as a result, Nyx transformed into a social recluse, choosing to isolate herself from society, only interacting with others when she deems it necessary for her to do so or when she is approached by other members of the army. However, this does not mean that Nyx is deprived of her other emotions as well, as she is still capable of showing kindness and humor and is able to fall in love with others. Despite her youthful appearance, Nyx has, in fact, an intellect and wisdom belonging to a mature woman, even stating that she is far older than Corrin when first introduced, which reflects on her tastes, since she is very fond of reading books, particularly romance novels, as revealed in her supports with Kaze, and is said to be the most understanding of women out of everyone in the army.

mage cursed facial markings fair skin pessimistic playable playable character purple hair red eyes serious small breasts soldier very long hair
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