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Oboro is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. One of Takumi's personal retainers, Oboro is a Hoshidan Naginata Fighter who bears an unquenchable thirst for vengeance against Nohr for the death of her parents. Oboro harbors a chronic hatred of Nohr, a fact that stems from the murder of her parents by the hands of Nohrian assassins. This resulted in an involuntary tic that causes her to twist her face into a demonic visage whenever anything related to Nohr is mentioned or shown in her presence. Despite her hatred for Nohrians, Oboro is capable of controlling herself from killing them depending on circumstance; through her C support with Silas, she declines his offer to train with him, attributing her refusal to her not wanting to kill him by accident. Even when she finds out that her parents' murderer was already dead at the hands of Beruka's mentor years ago, she is still capable of reason rather than blind rage, knowing that the chain of hate always ends in tragedy. That said, Oboro is not without the sense to understand that not all Nohrians are evil, like her supports with Niles and Benny, and can clearly tell the difference enough to make civilized conversation and establish friendships and romances with a number of them. Oboro copes with the loss of her beloved parents through her involvement with the Hoshidan army, a fact that has led to her sharing very strong, tenacious bonds with many members of the army. In particular, she is especially attached to her liege, Takumi, having romantic feelings for him, but is too shy to admit them to him. When dying in Conquest, she even laments that she never revealed her feelings to him. This does not equal to her ignoring the rest of the army, however, as she is often seen taking a mother-like role to them: she can recruit Kaze's help to make sure there will be no mice near their supplies, teach Rinkah to eat less messily and use proper utensils, ask Kaden for collaboration to braid silk threads into cords, check on Ryoma's health and especially his sleeping habits, etc. As the daughter of Hoshidan tailors, Oboro is an expert fashionista and is shown tailoring to other members of the army through her supports. Her fascination with fashion does have the tendency to be excessive to the point of being forceful, if not relentless, into having her way; this fact can be observed through her supports with Saizo and Mozu, where she persists on crafting newer and flashy clothes for the two to wear despite numerous protests and having to chase them both down in the C-Support and B-Support conversations of both people. However, she does mean well, as it can be observed through her a few of her Heroes quotes and in her A-Support with Mozu that she firmly believes that no matter how much people put on makeup and clothes, it is the inside that matters.

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