Old Hubba Husbando

Old Hubba
Original Name
Romaji Name
Old Fortune-Teller
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 29th
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 22390
Like # 30687
Trash # 8627

Old Hubba is an old sage whose job is to safeguard a family treasure, the Einherjar cards. Unfortunately he was seduced by an Outrealm Aversa, leading to the theft of the cards. Luckily for him, Chrom and his army arrives in the Outrealm and he seeks their help in defeating the Einherjar so he can reseal them back into their cards. He has the power to summon the Einherjar himself to aid Chrom in some battles. After each Xenologue, Old Hubba will give Robin one of his Einherjar cards as thanks for recovering the rest of the cards. In the original Japanese version of Awakening, Old Hubba is a nameless fortune-teller of generally non-descript personality. In the localization, his personality was given more flavor, and he is depicted as slightly perverted, often ogling at most of the female Einherjar. An extra mode in Awakening based on old Love Tester toys, in which Old Hubba suggests a for-fun compatibility rating between two selected characters, was named the 'Hubba Tester' in English, adding to this quirk.

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