Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere

Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere
Original Name
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Oruga Marī Āsumireito Animusufia
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Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere, colloquially as Olga and Marie, is a magus belonging to the Department of Astromancy and daughter of Lord Marisbury Animusphere of the Animusphere family. Within the World of Fate/stay night, she is socially abandoned by her father and left in the care of Trisha Fellows, later meeting Lord El-Melloi II during the Rail Zeppelin incident. Within the World of Fate/Grand Order, she takes part in the management of Chaldea Security Organization, eventually becoming the Director after her father's suicide. She directs Chaldea towards beginning the Grand Order in 2015 to prevent the destruction of the Human Order, but dies in a plot conducted by Lev Lainur Flauros. In Fate/Grand Order, Olga Marie is a young woman with long white hair and golden-amber eyes, appearing to be around the age of twenty-two to twenty-three. Olga Marie is a young girl looking eleven year-old in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files. A person who believes it is the Animusphere's pride to serve the very best under any circumstances, regardless of trouble or accident. Marie is dutiful in her role and takes full responsibility in Chaldea. She prefers coffee over tea. She always carries dried fruits around on her person. Mash Kyrielight describes Marie as someone who isn't a scoundrel, but she's "downright evil" for her unsavory ways, although she's nowhere near as strict as the rules laid down by Chaldea's internal management. She wouldn't hesitate to fire a staff or someone she doesn't like. Romani Archaman thinks Marie isn't a bad person, but deep down "she's as stiff as a board". Despite this, she is an earnest and hardworking person who cares for her subordinates even as she tries to act as if it was not the case. He also thinks that the time she spend with Ritsuka and Mash has softened her heart. She cares for her staff, for example she prioritize the lives of the candidates masters and put them under cryofreeze. She does notice that Mash looked depressed and had Ritsuka go and check on her. She relies heavily on Lev Lainur Flauros because he always saves Marie. Behind her bad attitude and haughty demeanor, Olga is a deeply tormented individual; she never saw herself as being able to fulfil her father's place as Director of Chaldea and believes that her inability to Rayshift makes her even more of a failure; additionally, the lack of praise or acknowledgement of her efforts by anybody has convinced her that everyone she knows hates her such that even the most innocent of comments directed at her take on the worst possible interpretations in her mind. Lev was the one person she trusted unconditionally in Chaldea before meeting Ritsuka, and the discovery of his betrayal devastated her. In spite of her desperate need to prove her worth, she does not know how she could ever do so, exacerbating her feelings of inferiority even further. The preservation of Human Order itself is something that she only seeks out of a sense of obligation to her father, who she idolizes. Privately, she does not even know for certain what it means to "preserve Human Order" and merely wishes to show the world that she is able to fulfill her responsibilities as director; even then she does not think it would bring her any pleasure and is uncertain if she could ever find happiness.

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