Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere

Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere
Original Name
Romaji Name
Oruga Marī Āsumireito Animusufia
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 1197
Like # 1110
Trash # 1855

Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere is a character involved with the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order. She is better known colloquially as Olga and Marie. Marie is the leader of the Chaldea and is monitoring the future and trying to prevent the extinction of humanity in 2016. Marie is an eleven year-old girl in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files. A person who believes it is the Animusphere's pride to serve the very best under any circumstances, regardless of trouble or accident. Marie is dutiful in her role and takes full responsibility in Chaldea. She prefers coffee over tea. She always carries dried fruits around on her person. Mash Kyrielight describes Marie as someone who isn't a scoundrel, but she's "downright evil" for her unsavory ways, although she's nowhere near as strict as the rules laid down by Chaldea's internal management. She wouldn't hesitate to fire a staff of someone she doesn't like. Romani Archaman thinks Marie is a bad person, but deep down "she's as stiff as a board". He also thinks that the time she spend with Ritsuka and Mash has softened her heart. She cares for her staffs, for example she prioritize the lives of the candidates masters and put them under cryofreeze. She does notice that Mash looked depressed and had Ritsuka go and check on her. She relies heavily on Lev Lainur Flauros because he always saves Marie.

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