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Olivia is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening. Olivia is a shy, withdrawn woman, but a natural genius in the art of dancing, having many fans across the lands. Despite her love for performing in front of crowds, she is extraordinarily timid when she’s not on stage. She is terrified of disappointing others, being insecure and a bit of a pessimistic about herself, especially when conversation comes to her own skill. She states to Chrom that she is only good at dancing, which even then, she feels she is inadequate on it, sometimes even resulting in stage fright. Her dream is to open her own theater, therefore she is saving money, and dedicating herself to achieving this goal. Due to her anxious demeanor, Olivia is easily startled, shown to cry out when surprised in most of her conversations. She also displays her fear in unexpected and unplanned situations, or when around strangers, a demeanor most likely caused by the time a noble attempted to abduct her. That aside, she can summon more of her strength than usual, for the sake of others, often being judgmental and pushy in the process. She’ll try to face her fears doing her best to help people, no matter how mortally embarrassed she feels. since above all, she wishes to make people smile. Despite Olivia's shy and socially awkward demeanor, she is actually comfortable around the more crude and loud members of the army. This is made most obvious by her close relationship with Basilio, and her supports with Chrom where they discuss how she met the former. Although she is often painfully shy, Olivia is open about her feelings most of the time, quick to explain herself in any situation or to ask for assurance that her actions did not appear to be strange. She can overcome her anxiety to speak frankly when pushed too far or when it comes to her work; she does not, however, find it as easy to discuss more personal thoughts and feelings. While she is embarrassed by compliments and kind words, Olivia is openly affectionate and caring towards her partner, if married. She is the best singer in the army.

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