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Kureiji Ollie is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its Indonesian (ID) branch second generation of VTubers alongside Anya Melfissa and Pavolia Reine. Ollie is a zombie, but more closely resembles a patchwork golem reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster. Her skin tone alternates between her (presumably) natural coloration (a light gray) and the places where replacement flesh was stitched on, which is a darker gray. Ollie's bun-style hair is gray and red, and her right left eye is red and features a diamond shaped pupil. Her left eye appears to be a yellow button. Her right ear is pierced with what appears to be a soda can pop-top. She dons a torn up costume, which she claims was eaten by rats when she came back to get it, and mismatched shoes because they were both "too cute" to decide. Stabbed through Ollie's head is a black and silver sword, which she can remove seemingly without causing herself further harm. Udin dangles from the sword's pommel like a keychain charm. Ollie is extraordinarily hyperactive, affecting even her somewhat apprehensive introduction. Having spent a good minute psyching herself up to appear onscreen, when she finally did, she began to loudly wail and panic. Befitting her status as a zombie, Ollie's limbs occasionally detach from her body; her arm fell off at least twice in the first five minutes of her debut. She seems to be very aware of internet and meme culture, as she frequently used internet slang on her debut stream, like "dope", "dank" and "pog", understanding their meaning and usage. She's also a big fan of memes and hopes her fans make memes out of her.

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