Onii-san Husbando

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Onii-san (or "Mister" in some translations) is one of the main characters of the story. His name is unknown at the beginning of the story as he never formally introduces himself to Sachi, so she just calls him "Onii-san". He has light-colored hair and always wears a face mask. At the beginning of the story, Onii-san has kidnapped XXX-san, but to his surprise, she is not only willing to go home with him, but she is also happy to do so. Once at home, she tells him that he's rescued her from her abusive parents and bullying schoolmates. He names her "Sachi" to replace her old name attached to her former life of bullying and abuse. He has mixed feelings about this situation because although he has been stalking her and has a massive collection of photos of her he has secretly taken, Onii-san knows he is a criminal. Moreover, he is uncertain of how genuine her feelings are about being kidnapped. Sachi proposes that they turn their situation into a game. If they can escape the police and her parents they can get married. But if they get caught by her parents or the police, they will die together. He hesitantly agrees. Onii-san is a male of average height and builds with white hair and blue eyes. At the beginning of the story, he is always wearing a face mask, so his face is never revealed. He was noted by Miho Satou to be rather good-looking and mysterious. On the surface, Onii-san seems like a regular guy. He is calm, knowledgeable, and protective of Sachi. Inside, however, he is nervous and doubtful. He regularly worries about getting caught, and it's stated in the manga that he’s constantly changing identities as he reveals a drawer full of hundreds of IDs. He wonders whether Sachi is being truthful about being happy with the situation. Plus, in the beginning, he has no 'end game' — he was obsessed with her and brought her home with him unexpectedly, so he didn't know what to do with her once he had her.

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