Ooji Mochizou Husbando

Ooji Mochizou
Original Name
大路 もち蔵
Romaji Name
Appears In
Tamako Market
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 10th
175.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 9760
Like # 9547
Trash # 9240

Mochizō Ōji is Tamako's childhood friend whose family runs Ōji-ya, a mochi shop located across from Tama-ya. Though their fathers are not on good terms due to business competition, he and Tamako are good friends. He is in love with Tamako. Mochizō is a young boy in his mid-teens. He is fairly tall, measuring a few inches ahead of Tamako. He has light brown, chin-length hair. One strand of hair hangs in the middle of his face between his brown eyes. Mochizō wears his school's uniform that is a dark blue, formal suit with golden buttons with a white shirt and a light green tie. His tie tends to be loose, with the collar of his shirt opened slightly. At home, he often switches to his regular clothes, consisting of different sweaters and shirts. He also has a black stud piercing on his left ear. A kind-hearted soul, Mochizō will go out of his way to help anyone, especially Tamako. He often acts shy and timid around her, not being able to release his true feelings, and has a habit of touching his face when praised or embarrassed. He has a habit of speaking before thinking, not realizing Tamako has left his peripheral vision before doing so. As a child, he was less conscious of what he said and often teased Tamako to hide his crush on her. Over time, this personality faded away and he became more compassionate around Tamako most particularly after her mother's death. At school, though he was remarked by some female students to be a bit of a nerd due to his film society's antics, he seems to be popular among girls in his third year of high school, having been confessed to by an unknown girl.

childhood friend
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