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Ophelia is a playable child character in Fire Emblem Fates and the daughter of Odin. Ophelia is an optimistic and bubbly young girl who looks at the world through wondering eyes. Much of her personality arises out of admiration of her "Chosen Father", whom she emulates greatly through giving weapons grandiose names and shouting over-the-top names for her spells while doing flashy poses. She loves her father's eccentric personality and is one of the few people who truly understands how he thinks. However, her support conversations with her mother suggests that she feels inferior to her father's abilities to the point she finds she tells Corrin in her support conversation that she feels like a mimic of her father. In her support conversation with Midori, she reveals to have abilities of foreseeing the future. She tends to be dreamy, spacing out whenever she is not in combat. She also makes use of stars and stones to perform curious incantations. She considers herself sworn to Forrest's service just as her father is sworn to Leo, and she can be excessively fierce in her attempts to protect the prince, to the point of nearly attacking street merchants whose perfume caused Forrest to cough. She is very overprotective of Forrest, and when she is asked to stay behind while Forrest shops, she becomes very worried about him. She is the one most skilled at skipping.

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