Ophelia Phamrsolone

Ophelia Phamrsolone
Original Name
Romaji Name
Ofiria Famurusorōn
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
166.00 cm
48.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 10305
Like # 9348
Trash # 15086

Ophelia Phamrsolone is one of the seven Crypters, Masters attempting to supplant the Greater History of Man with that of the Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. She is the Master of Saber Surtr (in the body of Sigurd) and was formerly one of forty eight Chaldea Master Candidates and a member of A-Team. A woman wearing an eyepatch over her right eye. The sight of her wearing her eye-patch was noticeable in Chaldea. Ophelia is said to be quite attached to Kirschtaria and willing to befriend Mashu even though they are on opposite sides. She sworn her loyalty to Kirschtaria Wodime and acts like a subordinate to him. She strives to behave as a cool-headed and intellectual secretary, but she can’t hide her good heart. She refers to the Servant she summoned as “Knight”, but it’s unknown if that Heroic Spirit really is a knight. Ophelia displays a far more honorable nature and genuinely wants to befriend Mash, going so far as to order her Servant not to kill her. She also decides to turn against Surtr rather than letting him damage the world further, at cost of her life, and she still spent her last moments giving encouraging lines to Mash instead of belittling her. She really does want to be friends with Mash, to the point it actually restrains her in their fights. She is also genuinely in love with Kirschtaria which drives her actions in her Lostbelt. She doesn't want to hurt Mash, but refusing to fight her would be betraying Kirschtaria who she's in love with. On her deathbed she admits she refuses to betray Kirschtaria while wishing Mash luck on her journey before admitting she has mixed feelings on that. As she likes Wagner's operas so when given the opportunity to meet her hero in person, she summoned Sigurd. She loathes the weekends and Sundays in particular because she dislikes her lack of initiative on those days as well as the fact she would spend the day with her abusive parents. She complains about Beryl and Daybit's casual disregard for human life, only for it to be shown that her Lostbelt's treatment of humans is infinitely more cruel than wanton murder. That said, she does have the excuse that the slaughter of humans in her Lostbelt is only to feed the Giant population for both mankind and giantkind's survival against the threat of Surtr escaping his seal, not killing for the thrill of it or because they can.

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