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Orochi is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. A Hoshidan Diviner who once served the late Queen Mikoto and is the childhood friend of Kagero, Orochi is a bubbly, fun-loving individual who delights in playing pranks on others. Contrary to her antiquated style of speech, Orochi is a rather playful and fun-loving individual. This fact surfaces through the vast majority of her supports, where she delights in teasing her conversational partners, and even those who are portrayed as somber and grim are not spared. Her supports with Takumi reveals this, where she teases him about his childhood, like playing with dolls, and her support with Saizo also reveals this, as she persists in attempting to irritate him until she successfully strikes him in his weak spot by reminding him of an embarrassing situation that took place during their childhood. Through this same example, it is evident that Orochi has a tendency for not recognizing the limits of her teasing, to the point where she winds up deriving amusement at the expense of her conversational partners' immense discomfort. Despite her playfulness, Orochi is also portrayed as an immensely competitive person, particularly with regards to her medical and magical capabilities. This fact is unveiled through her supports with Hayato and Nyx, where she openly issues them challenges to compare their skill in the art of identifying rare herbs, concocting potions and practicing offensive magic respectively. She also loves telling fortunes when being giving herbs, like with Hinata, Silas and Jakob, where she will tell truthful or meaningless fortunes. Orochi has also been depicted as a rather sentimental person, cherishing each and every one of the bonds that she has forged. This fact is particularly evident in her supports with her childhood friend Kagero, where she is the only known person to appreciate Kagero's eccentric brand of painting. In addition to this, Orochi also reveals that she has attached intense sentimental value to a card depicting a brook-and-water scenery that Kagero had drawn for her during their childhood, regarding it as a symbol of their friendship. In some of her supports, Orochi will sometimes refer to herself in third person. Orochi is said to be the loudest laughter in the army.

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